Workshop: Using email automation to make life easier over the holidays

The holiday period is a really busy time. You have lots to do in your business, lots of events to prepare for and you’ll want some time off, too!

Email marketing platforms do FAR more than just sending email newsletters theses day. The chances are you’re paying for automation features that you aren’t using – and maybe you don’t even know they are there!

Some examples of easy automations you could set up this week (with the tools you probably already have)

Email automations don’t have to be complicated. Let me give you some ideas for simple email automations that could be engaging with your subscribers when you’re working on something else, at a party or just sitting in front of the TV with a box of chocolate!

How to decide which automations to implement first

Yes, this can get confusing, fast. I’ll give you a jargon-free way to decide which automations will give you the best results for your time and effort. You can always add more later.

This workshop is available now inside the Speedy Email Marketing Club.

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