Speedy Implementation Day

There are now 5 recorded workshops in the Speedy Club as well as a short course on getting started with email marketing, plus planners and other resources.

As there’s so much there already to keep members busy, I thought I’d do something different in April.

Introducing the Speedy Implementation Day!

Here’s how it works. I’ll run a half-hour Zoom in the morning where members can share their goal for the day, then we can check in on our progress in the middle of the day and then again at the end. I’ll answer any questions in the Zooms, too.

This doesn’t have to take up your entire day, of course! Even an hour or two of focused time could make a big difference.

You can work on any project that moves your email marketing forwards in some way. You decide. This could be:

  • Getting started with your email marketing. Or restarting it.
  • Now you’ve set up your list – what should you do next to get the best return on your efforts?
  • Designing and implementing a plan to grow your mailing list
  • Setting up a simple email automation

There is a already a workshop or short course on all of the above in the Speedy Club to help you.

  • Or you could work on any other email marketing task. Which could be as simple as setting aside some quality time to write content.

Date: Friday 21st April 2023

Zoom times: 9.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm (half an hour each – attend as many as you like)

To join in: Join the Speedy Email Marketing Club if you haven’t already and watch your email inbox for the Zoom link!

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