Speedy Implementation Day

There are now 5 recorded workshops in the Speedy Club as well as a short course on getting started with email marketing, plus planners and other resources. As there’s so much there already to keep members busy, I thought I’d do something different in April. Introducing the Speedy Implementation Day! Here’s how it works. I’ll run a half-hour Zoom in the morning where members can share their goal for the day, then we can check in on our progress in the middle of the day and then again at the end. I’ll answer any questions in the Zooms, too. This

Workshop and Q&A: What to do when you’ve ghosted your mailing list

It can happen to us all. You get busy, then you don’t send an email to your list in a while, then the months slip by and it still doesn’t happen. So do you just carry on as if nothing happened? Will people forget about you and report you as a spammer if you do email them now? How can you get your mailing mojo back and make sure it doesn’t happen again? This online workshop will help you work out the best way to go for you and your business, get you back on track and feeling positive about

Workshop: How to grow your mailing list

Email marketing is a cheap and effective way to stay in touch with your audience and clients. You can grow your relationship with them, present yourself as an expert and sell from your emails too, if you want to. But what’s the best way of getting people onto your mailing list? Search online and you’ll find thousands of ways to do it, but who has the time to try them out and see what works for you? In the Speedy Email Marketing Club I give you a simple, actionable plan for getting subscribers on your mailing list. Print out the

Workshop: Email marketing quick wins

Let’s face it, there are probably thousands of ways you could do more with your email marketing in 2023. But who has got time to set up complicated automations, sequences and integrations when you have no idea if they will improve your business or  not? Join me in this workshop where I’ll show you… What to do right now to get results with your email marketing I’ll tell you the things you need to do now to get more bang for your email marketing buck and better results for the time you invest in it. Identify weak spots in your

Workshop: Using email automation to make life easier over the holidays

The holiday period is a really busy time. You have lots to do in your business, lots of events to prepare for and you’ll want some time off, too! Email marketing platforms do FAR more than just sending email newsletters theses day. The chances are you’re paying for automation features that you aren’t using – and maybe you don’t even know they are there! Some examples of easy automations you could set up this week (with the tools you probably already have) Email automations don’t have to be complicated. Let me give you some ideas for simple email automations that

Workshop: So you have a mailing list. What’s next?

Setting up a mailing list with a landing page and a welcome email is harder than it first appears. Well done for getting this far! Next you need to keep sending out those campaigns, but that takes time, effort and hitting the ‘send’ button on a regular basis. How do you keep going and keep improving your results over time? Three key problems you need to overcome once you have a mailing list The actions you can take to improve your email marketing once you have a list Fixed everything above? Here’s what to do to keep growing This workshop


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